Rus in urbe Upstate Scholé Academy

We’re glad you’re here!

RUS Academy exists to serve homeschooling families in the Upstate of South Carolina. Our name includes the Latin phrase “rus in urbe,” which means “garden in a city.”


We aim to foster an environment of joyful discovery that inspires wonder at the incredible world around us. Promoting a restful, classical approach to homeschooling is our goal.  At the same time, RUS Academy stretches students to academic excellence by providing weekly accountability and concrete feedback to students and parents.

As an “all hands on deck” community, we run a true co-op in the sense that RUS Academy is not a “drop off” school.  Rather, every mom takes an active role in leading or assisting classes on community day.  Teachers lead classes in the subjects that they are passionate about and qualified to teach. We follow a classically guided curriculum for students K4-8th grade, and offer an in-house nursery for our little ones.

Because we are a true co-op, RUS Academy does not require a steep tuition per child.  We pool our resources to purchase supplies and take care of our facility, and our fees are minimal and extremely reasonable.

From the moment you walk in our doors, you will recognize that we are a family.  We love the privilege of educating our children, and we’re thrilled with the blessing of walking this path together.